We value your experience and insight. We want to hear about a particular time of spiritual growth in your life here at Riversgate.

Terri Conlin is creating a project for her Masters of Spiritual Formation at Portland Seminary that she hopes will both inform her studies to become a Spiritual Director and help us discover what we are doing at Riversgate that contributes to your spiritual formation in Christ. 

There are several ways you can share your experiences:  attend one of two face-to-face groups on October 17, 6pm or 7pm at Riversgate, or pair up and interview each other over coffee, at Life Group, or at the dinner table. You can even answer a simple online form (below). All are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

There are no wrong answers or trick questions. The interview/questionnaire only takes about 15 minutes per person and should help us know each other better and what makes us grow deeper and closer to Christ.

Any questions? Talk to Terri after church or via email at

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