Life Groups ~Coming Fall 2018

Relationship with Christ is the core DNA of any church.  God has designed the church body to be the manifestation of His will to the world.  We fellowship by coming into His presence together so that the grace and power of God can be experienced to the fullest; as the Bible says so that His joy may be made complete in us. To that end, we have Life Groups that meet weekly in homes.  Our Life Groups take a break in the summer and will resume in the fall.  

While gathering in a home with a smaller group of people can be intimidating, the goal is not to compare holiness, but to share the gift God has given to each of us, that we might equip, encourage and engage each other before and with Christ. 

When we allow who we are below the surface to be authentically shared, we essentially invite God to have greater access to our hearts, but we also let others see the very power of God affecting our lives.  Time in these groups can be spent around a meal, in prayer, in study, and in the transparent sharing of life.  Many groups also desire to serve together in various capacities, allowing others to be blessed by the outpouring of their time and gifts.  I cannot emphasize how transformational these groups can be when people let go and let God.  I pray you will join us in pursuing a group, trusting in God to make life as it should be!

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