Tesoco Trip 2016!

Our recent mission trip to Tesoco was fantastic!!  We ran a VBS, hosted a Friendship day banquet, connected through women's ministry, played a "gringo VS Tesoco" baseball game, worked to expand the school kitchen, took students on an amazing field trip to Mayan ruins, and visited classrooms at the local school to teach English classes!! Stay tuned for photos!

Our Mexico Mission Philosophy


We are committed to taking our values of authentic relationship, serving, and believing in God's transforming power to the villages of Tesoco (below) and La Purisima (at right), Mexico.  We have had a relationship with La Purisima for over a decade, although the drug violence has prevented us from visiting since 2010.  In 2011, we began another relationship with Tesoco in the Yucatan, inviting many of our brothers and sisters in La Purisima to join us in reaching out to this new village.  Now, we are committed to fostering the relationships we have with these two amazing villages, expectant that we can serve the entire community through the local church.  Join us as we experience God's love through service!



April 2015 Tesoco Trip Update!

Our team experienced God in an incredible way in Tesoco, Mexico.  We sent 18 of our Riversgate family down to Tesoco with the primary goal of building even deeper relationships with the church members and exploring the community needs for future mission projects! 

To see pictures from the trip, click here! 

Pastor Manuel and the church were grateful and amazed that we chose to come again, and it was a great reminder that presence is 95% of relationship!  From Children's VBS, to a roof project on the church, our team overcame incredible heat to really pour themselves out for the church and village! 

The women's ministry had great success, from cooking to crafts and real heart to heart discussions on what life really looks like for the many moms and wives that participated.  The camaraderie built during these conversations really unified the women and showed us how we can continue to share love moving forward. 

Conversations with the mayor revealed several areas for future development.

1.  The village desires to have their athletic/recreation area improved with grass for the fields, stands and dugouts built as well as possible lighting for night games.

2.  There is a need for water storage so that the village can work on construction projects throughout the day.  Right now, public water access is limited to two hours during the day.

3.  With the influx of population from Valladolid, there is a need for help with public works projects like road improvements and water drainage.

4.  There are a large number of 13-14 year olds who stop attending school after middle school.  We have a great opportunity to empower them to continue to pursue an education so that this community can continue to strengthen itself moving forward.

La Purisima Update

We have raised enough money to help La Purisima build a well!! For years, the village has run out of water during the dry season, forcing it to purchase very expensive water from the neighboring city of Axtla.  Inasmuch as soda is cheaper than water, many choose these beverages over the water they need, contributing in part to the diabetes which is rampant in rural Mexico. 

Mario Valdes, with Merge Ministries, traveled to LP at the end of May to map out the details of getting the well in place!  Here is the exciting news we now have to report:

1.  La Purisima will be raising about $3000 between now and year end as their portion of the well.

2.  The well costs roughly $19,000 to put in place.  Our portion (already raised) combined with the contribution from La Purisima means that construction on the well could begin as early as spring of next year!  The hope is to have the 160m well operational by the dry season towards the end of summer 2016!  Pray for the people of LP as they unite around this effort!! Pray that God would open people's eyes to how He alone provides all we need to live and love others through Jesus!