Serve through Facility Support!


Landscaping: Help with monthly weeding, or work with Jay Johnson on our landscape plan! We need specific help planting this fall, on a Saturday morning, and monthly weeding. 2 month commitment. Positions open: 2

Sanctuary: Our sanctuary needs a little love during the month in the way of vacuuming and updating materials! We need the following services provided...

- Vacuum sanctuary chairs. Our volunteers would be expected to vacuum the chairs in the sanctuary once a month at their convenience. 3-6 moth commitment. Positions Open: 2

- Update materials in seat backs. Once a month we need to refill our offering envelopes, info cards and replace pens in all of the sanctuary chairs. 3-6 moth commitment. Positions Open: 1

General Church Organization/Cleaning: Once a month, offer your cleaning or organizational skills to tackle a specific area of the building! In the past this has been organizing a couple closets, cleaning CM toys, updating the CM supplies, or reorganizing our upstairs crawl space. Coordinate with Missy on when you are available and spend a few hours a month tackling problem areas! 3-6 moth commitment. Positions Open: 2

Church Laundry: We are in need of someone to take home towels/tablecloths every two weeks to wash them. Laundry can be picked up on Sunday mornings and returned the next Sunday. 3-6 month commitment. Positions Open: 1