We believe that God is eternal

Without beginning or end—the creator of the universe satisfies the human soul. God is the author of beauty, truth, goodness, and love because God is beauty; God is truth; God is good; and God is love. This one living God exists in three persons known as Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. Without a doubt, God is a great mystery. And yet, He chooses to make Himself known to humanity because He desires that each one of us be in a close personal relationship with Him. God reveals Himself in many ways but most definitively through the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Bible is God’s message to humanity.

The Bible was composed over many centuries by many different individuals who were guided by the Holy Spirit. God tells us the truth about Himself, our world, and ourselves through the stories, poems, dramas, letters, and instructions that make up the Bible. The Bible tells us that we, all of us, chose to live separately from God and His ways. The Bible calls this sin. Because of sin we are unable to experience life as God intended. The Bible also tells us that God loves us and made it possible for us to have our relationship with Him restored through what Jesus did for all humanity.

We believe that Jesus Came in the flesh to redeem his creation.

God so wanted us to understand what He is truly like that God Himself became a human being to rescue and restore all of creation unto God. About 2,000 years ago in a small town in Palestine, God the Son, without ceasing to be God, entered our world as a totally human baby boy named Jesus. Jesus experienced human life in all its dimensions, except for sin. The way Jesus lived shows us both what it really means to be human and what God is really like. When Jesus was nailed to a Roman cross, He willingly suffered in our place the consequences of our sin. When God raised Jesus back to life, sin’s power to separate us from God was destroyed, making the way for everyone to be reconciled to God.

We believe that everyone has a choice.

Each person has to choose whether or not to accept the free gift of reconciliation that God offers. Those of us who trust in and follow Jesus experience a change of heart and mind. This is an ongoing work of the Holy Spirit whose presence teaches and empowers us to live like Jesus did. Such a transformation frees us to live to the fullest, in all of the beauty, truth, goodness, and love that God intended. Only by trusting and following Jesus can this world come back to God and overcome the evil that destroys individual lives, families, and societies.

We believe Jesus shall come again.

We believe that Jesus is coming back to earth a second time to complete the work of restoring everything in the universe to its rightful place under God’s loving and good leadership. Those who trust in Jesus will enjoy an eternal relationship with God, continuously discovering the wonders of God and His universe.