What is Worship?

The Biblical essence is of worship is to honor God's "worth" as a response to the love that He first showed us.  The expression of worship can come in many forms; prayer, service, praise, studying the Word and others.  The core of worship, however, is a desire to come face to face with our Lord in a way that shows our heartfelt gratitude for His presence, love and grace throughout creation. 

How Does our Worship Team Serve?

At Riversgate, we value intimacy with our Father and invite you to join us in worshiping our Lord as we share life together through the body of Christ.  Our worship team seeks to use music as a platform to invite people into this intimate presence with God during the times we gather as a church and in service through the community. 

Currently, we worship musically on Sunday mornings during our 10:00am service. Families worshipping together along with the joint responsibility of discipling our young people is a core value for us which is why we invite all generations to the worship together during this segment of our morning service. 

Interested in Joining the Team?

If you are interested in joining the worship team, please fill out the information form below and one of our volunteer leaders below will help get you connected to the many opportunities we have to serve this team!! We are always looking for people with a musical or technical gifting to help us elevate our ability to invite many into His presence!